Reward Agency expanded to Asia

Reward Agency and Berean Limited, registered in Hong Kong, signed a cooperation agreement in spring 2017. Cooperation enables Reward Agency to expand its operations in Asia Pacific. Several of our clients are looking for growth opportunities in APAC, so it is natural for us to increase our activities in the region also. In addition to Finnish companies operating in Asia we will seek to grow in local markets in the region as well.

Berean Limited has its office in Manila, the capital of the Philippines, from where it is easy to serve clients especially in ASEAN, but also more widely in APAC. The company was established by Ville Kämppi, who has several years of experience from consulting, business development and diplomacy. Ville has lived and worked in Asia for some years and brings client oriented consulting expertise from Mercer, Stanton Chase and Finpro. The last three years Ville worked at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Finland – where he gained experience from Brussels and Shanghai. Ville’s interest in business drew him back to consulting.


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